OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan

The summer heat can get to all of us. Hot and humid conditions will make you sweat more, make you more uncomfortable, sometimes causing us to be more irritable, feeling more sluggish or worse. Sometimes the heat can affect people with health issues, cause heat stroke or heat exhaustion, but whatever your situation, you'll want to keep your cool this summer.

AC is great, but it isn't always an option. A small battery operated fan can make all the difference in many different situations. If you are somewhere that doesn't have access to air conditioning, outside or in a place where it simply isn't practical, a battery powered fan will make a big difference to your life.

OPOLAR offers a range of battery operated fans which have developed a reputation with their customers for quality, power and value. OPOLAR have built their product range over their four years of operation to include not only battery fans, but also humidifiers, dehumidifiers, laptop fans, space heaters, popcorn machines and an instant water boiler.

It is with fans though, where most of their expertise lies. Their brand has grown through taking a customer focused approach and developing products to solve problems rather than create them.

Their fans are designed to meet the needs and demands of people in their everyday lives. To achieve this, they offer a range which provides ideal solutions for people to keep themselves cool whatever they are doing.

We take a look at their product range, putting some of their fans through their paces, to give you the lowdown on some of their most popular devices.

OPOLAR Portable Travel Mini Battery Fan with 3-13 Hours Life

One of the most popular of OPOLAR's fan products is their portable travel mini fan. It features a cool blue LED internal glowing light and a white LED on its side for illumination. The blue light makes the fan more attractive and the white can be very useful for emergencies or when you need a little extra light on the subject.

You can run it on its internal battery for up to 13 hours or power it from a standard USB port. There are lights on the front which show how much charge there is left in the device. When the 2200 mAh battery is fully charged this is also indicated with lights on the front.

The fan is compact at less than 6 inches in height, it's also lightweight to make it a very portable option for when you need air on the go.


Compact design
LED lights and power indication
Battery life
Powerful motor


The white LED light doesn't work when the fan does

Our Finding

This little fan offers good airflow as well as low noise levels in a compact and attractive design. There are many uses for this fan and it is easily portable.

OPOLAR Clip Fan with 5200mAh Battery and Timer

This 7 blade fan with clamp and rechargeable battery should allow you to stay cool in situations where it is otherwise difficult to use a fan. The versatile clamp and built-in battery make it possible to use both indoors and out.

When we looked at this fan we were particularly impressed with the power of the airflow which wouldn't disgrace a much larger fan. In operation, this fan is surprisingly quiet and seems well built.

This clip fan offers three speed settings:

At the highest setting, the fully charged battery should last around 9 hours. The lower setting could extend this to as much as 48 hours of use.

An additional feature of this fan is the timer, allowing you to set the device for 1, 2 or 4 hours.


Very versatile
Attaches to many things
Long battery life on low speeds



Our Finding

The clamp on this fan allows it to be used in many different situations.

OPOLAR Mini Battery Operated Handheld Fan

Another popular product from OPOLAR is their battery operated face fan. The device is ideal on a hot summer's day, its compact and light design making it perfect when traveling on trips.

Though small, it does a great job of keeping you cool. The three speed options giving you enough choices to deal with the heat. We found the fastest setting too much most of the time for our needs, switching between the two lower settings provided just the right breeze and allowed for a longer time between charges. The battery is expected to last up to 11 hours on the lowest setting.

The fan folds to make it even more compact and easy to store when not in use. The folding action also allows this fan to stand up on a desk or table, making it usable when you don't have a spare hand to hold it. With the aid of a metal clip, which is included, you have other options for hands free operation which allows it to be clipped on to a number of different things.


Compact folding design
Freestanding option


Limited attachment options with the metal clip

Our Finding

This handheld fan is compact enough to keep in a bag in case it is needed. It is ideal for long journeys and commutes. It has all the power you need to allow you to keep your composure on a hot day.

OPOLAR Battery or USB Powered Necklace Fan

If you thought the last fan was a compact design, this device goes even further. Measuring just 3 inches by 2 inches, this ultra portable compact design packs a punch. With a maximum output of 4800 RPM, it should be able to cool you down on the hottest of days.

Inside the case is a 3350 mAh rechargeable battery, which, on a full charge, can deliver up to 20 hours of airflow. The fan has three speed settings and even on the highest setting isn't particularly loud. There is a single button when you open up the clam design, which cycles through the speed settings and turns it on and off.

You can wear the fan around your neck with the provided strap and direct it upwards towards your face. This should keep you very chilled as you move around on a hot day. With the advantage of hands free operation, this fan will be ideal in multiple situations.

The fan also hides a secret. Under the rubber back is a hidden vanity mirror.

You don't have to just wear the fan on the strap around your neck either, you can place it on a table next to you and angle it to suit. The fan comes with a strap and power cable.


Hands free


Lacks a charge indicator

Our Finding

This is great if you are moving around and doing things in a humid environment, but aren't able to hold a fan. It is surprisingly powerful for its size though still doesn't get too loud. It can last a full day on lower settings.

OPOLAR Battery Operated Rechargeable Desk Fan

The 9 inch metal framed portable battery fan offers a more powerful blast of air than the smaller devices. Despite this being a larger fan than the others we have reviewed, it is still a very quiet device. To help keep the fan quiet, there are adjustable grips on the frame to make sure there aren't any vibrations on contact with the desk.

This rechargeable fan comes with two 2600 mAh batteries to spin the blades. This fan has two speeds:

Speed 1 - 1200 RPM
Speed 2 - 1700 RPM

On a fully charged battery, we saw the fan not run out of juice for over 8 hours. This was particularly impressive as we were using the highest setting. A test on the lower setting saw the blades keep turning for over 12 hours.

Battery charging time from completely flat, to fully charged, was around 2 hours from a USB charger. This was from new, of course, battery performance will degrade over time as will all lithium-ion cells, though it is possible to swap them out if required.

The metal frame allows you to rotate the fan through 360 degrees to make the most of the airflow. The front protective cage can be removed to allow for easy cleaning.


Fast charging


Not the most portable

Our Finding

If you are in the market for a desk fan this is a great choice. Offering powerful airflow with good battery life and still a very quiet design.

OPOLAR F621 Mini USB Desk Fan

This unusual design of fan is using a square cage with curved corners to house the 5 inch, 7 blade fan. The base of the fan contains a couple of 2500 mAh batteries which give the potential for up to 38 hours of use on the lowest setting.

The fan has three settings:

Low - 1000 RPM
Medium - 1300 RPM
High - 1900 RPM

The fan rotates back, up to 90 degrees and provides additional options by featuring magnets in the base. These will allow you to place the fan in a more unconventional location for better cooling.

The base of the fan has LED indicators for battery levels, timer function and speed setting. The slim and compact design makes it easier to pack in luggage.

As with the other fans we've reviewed the F621 provides a strong wind and low noise in operation as well as coming with a lead to connect to a USB port or power supply. Additionally, this fan has a power off timer feature, which gives you the option of 1, 2 or 4 hour settings.


Low energy consumption
Slimline design


You have to be careful where you place it because the magnets could damage electronic devices.

Our Finding

This fan has a lot of power and features an interesting and narrow design. This could be particularly useful for people considering taking a fan on their vacation.

Customer Feedback

During our further research into these products, we have been impressed by the great amount of very positive customer feedback. It is clear that this business has provided fans to a large number of happy customers, which is naturally a really good thing to find. Of course, there are a few negative comments too, but the customer support seems to be attentive and deal with these issues very well.

OPOLAR certainly have their fans and not just the ones that keep you cool. They have gained many happy customers who love their products and keep coming back to buy more. Some people even gift them to their friends and family. We have even seen a customer joke that they are part of an OPOLAR fan club, as so many of their work colleagues have bought the fans too.


OPOLAR has a battery operated fan for most occasions in their range. They seemingly have thought of everything to make people more comfortable in the heat.

We have seen that these fans are all easy to use and provided a surprising blast of air greater than you would expect from such small fans. These products all have long lasting batteries and include a charging cable for connection to a USB port or power adapter.

We have seen that they are well liked by customers and OPOLAR offers an 18-month warranty on all their products as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. The prices offer good value for money and the warranty make this an almost risk free purchase.

Hopefully, our overview of some of their most popular products will have given you some idea of which is right for you to keep you cool this summer.