OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)
OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)
OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)
OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)
OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)
OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)
OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

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  • 【4 Speeds+Natural Wind】-This USB operated portable fan comes with 4-speed control. You can adjust the speed from one-four to enjoy the cool breeze as you need. This fan makes you experience natural wind flow by increasing the speed from one-four and vice-versa in a circular motion. The maximum rotation speed of the fan is 1200 rpm.
  • 【3 Blades+Quiet Operation】- The fan has a unique three curved blade design that makes the air flows smoothly. Not only this but also the fan has a brushless motor that reduces the noise to 40db. With the unique seven-blade design and brushless motor, you experience a quiet operation similar to a whispering sound even when the fan is running on the high-speed.
  • 【USB Powered+Adapter】- OPOLAR portable table fan comes with multiple power options. You can power it by an AC adaptor (comes included) that can be plugged into a wall socket. You can also power this portable fan with a USB cable (comes included). Simply, connect this fan to a universal USB outlet, laptop, power bank, etc. and enjoy the cool breeze. The AC adapter and USB cable are very easy to use.
  • 【Timer Feature】-The fan is provided with a timer so that you never have to wake up during midnight to switch it off. Whenever the temperature is low, you can set the timer and sleep peacefully. Timer Modes available are for 1-2-4-8 hours
  • 【90° Rotation + One year Warranty】-The fan can be adjusted from 0°to 90°vertically. It comes with one year warranty. Just shop with confidence!

What are the advantages of this unit?
Comparison with other USB fans

  1. Covers more space with 8-inch size in the middle while other fans measure 4 inches
  2. Stronger wind with seven blades as compared to other fans having only four blades
  3. 4-speed settings with the bonus of natural wind while others have only two-speed settings
  4. Timer feature, which other fans do not have
  5. Includes an adapter and cord while the other USB fans are provided only with a cord

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

OPOLAR Newest 8 inch Desk Fan with Timer Function

Comparison with traditional electric fans:

  1. Space saving: This is a portable fan with just 8-inch size so, saves a lot of space.
  2. Power saving: Power consumption is just 5W (traditional fan-100W)
  3. Multi-Power supplies: Supports both USB and Adapter, so you can power the fan either using a USB outlet or by plugging the adapter into the wall socket (traditional fan cannot be plugged into USB port)

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

Strong Airflow and 4 Speeds, Bonus of Natural Wind

Speed 1:500 rpm
Speed 2:800 rpm
Speed 3:1050 rpm
Speed 4:1200 rpm

Natural wind:
To help you experience the natural wind flow, the fan works at the minimum 500 rpm to maximum 1200rpm. The fan goes from one-two-three-four-three-two-one speed circularly, offering you the natural wind flow experience as you often feel when sitting on a lawn. The natural wind keeps changing its flow from low to high and high to low, and that's what this fan offers you.

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

Timer for Controlling The Operational Duration

You do not want to waste your time in switching off the fan again and again. That is why this OPOLAR fan comes with a timer that will automatically turn off the fan according to the set timer. The timer can be set 1-2-4-8 hours.

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

Medium Size

Seven blades and Square design
Length: 8.2 inch
Width: 2.8 inch
Height: 8.2 inch

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

Convenient Handle

Built-in carry handle allows for easy relocation. Just plug directly into an outlet and get coolness.

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)

USB +Adapter

You can plug it into various devices like laptop, power bank, etc. You can also connect this fan to a wall socket as it comes with AC adapter, as well. AC Adapter and USB Cord are provided with the fan.

OPOLAR 8 Inch USB Desk Fan(Included Adapter)


Anti-skip Design

The sturdy base with rubber bottom, ensures more stability and no vibration


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Ann C
    Opolar desk fan

    Great little fan. On low setting it is quiet enough that I can sleep with it running in my bedroom window.

    Cynthia Bailey
    Worth it!

    We bought this to replace a small(ish) Vornado we've used for years as a vent, until it fell off the window sill. We selected this one for size and "uprightness" to sit on the narrow ledge. It was also inexpensive enough that if it didn't work it would be OK. But despite the small DC power supply, it moves a decent amount of air, and is relatively quiet. The DC power also gets you more speeds/modes and a timer because, digital controls. I can't speak for durability yet, but for meeting initial requirements it's solid.

    Brenda Buckwalter

    I have been buying this brand for a while now and have been satisfied every time. I have multiples of they're four inch fans I've purchased their mini 500 watt heater which is excellent to. I like this 8in fan cuz it's constant big wind at variable speeds low noise perfect for desk work for blowing in your face at night I just love opolar brand I've had the 3 speed 4-inch fans on non-stop for a year no noise and start right back up and sound the same as they did when I first got after cleaning no motor strain. When you find something that works and you like it you stick with it!

    Rondys T. Cook
    Great Desk Fan

    We use this on the deck, when we don't want to lug out a plug-in floor fan. Not as strong, of course, but much more portable. A good buy for us. But the logistics is a bit slow

    Quiet and lightweight

    This product is just what it is stated on the website: small, quiet and lightweight. I've been using this fan for a week now. The 5 speeds is a real good feature. The 1st & 2nd speeds are pretty quiet. I've been using the fan to circulate the air in my bedroom at night thus the 1st speed has been extremely benefical. The timer is the second best feature. The 4 hour tiem slot works best for me, auto-shut off just around 330AM - just when the air just cool enough to not be cold to sleep. No more getting up in the night to turn off. The 3rd feature is more physical in the I really like the BOX shape; it fits perfectly on my window sill. The 4th best feature is the USB plug as I can now travel whereever I go, use an AC/DC adaptor or my laptop. This fan a is real winner in the peace making sound department.