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OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater-HE02A

OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater-HE02A


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Product Details

  • Model: HE02A
  • Fast heat-up: using ceramic element, it will quick heat up your space within 3 seconds
  • Compact, powerful, and ready to be used anytime, anywhere in indoor: this heater for indoor use is a compact device that is also powerful with 1000W and 1500W settings, making ready for room, office, bedroom, study room, under the desk, or almost anywhere.
  • Overheat and tip-over protection: This portable heater for office and indoor use has been designed keeping your security in mind. It comes with overheat and tip-over protection features to prevent any mishap. This small indoor heater will be auto shut off when it gets overheated or Tipped over.
  • 70 Degree auto-oscillating: to bring the comfort of warmth in chilly winter days, This space heater has 70-degrees auto-oscillating feature that covers the whole room with its heat. And its rotating feature adds more value to this small electric room heater.
  • Carrying handle: This OPOLAR electric space heater comes with a small handle so that you can easily carry it to your office, garage, and other places. It can be used anywhere But not for use in bathrooms, laundry areas, or other high-humidity rooms.
  • Energy efficient electric heater with thermostat: This OPOLAR electric room heater is an ETL approved, energy efficient Room heater that not only saves electricity but also comes with an adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth.
OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater

    OPOLAR Electric Heater for Home, Office, Garage with Auto Oscillation

    Whether your room is small or large; whether your office cabin is small or big; whether you want to keep you warm in your garage or study room, this compact yet powerful space heater with a timer can warm up to 160 sq. ft. Thanks to its 70-degree auto-oscillation feature that spreads the warm area in every corner, making it a perfect indoor room heater for everyday use.

    Our motto is not just to provide you with a compact, electric room heater but also to ensure your safety when using it. This electric, personal room heater comes with tip over protection that keeps you safe from any mishap if the heater falls due to any reason when in use.

    Plus, it comes with overheat protection, which means when this heater for a large room will be overheated, it will turn off automatically and restarts once the heat comes down to the permissible value. Plus, its cabinet remains cool even when it is working and producing heat to keep you warm.

    OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater

    1500 Watts Space Heater

    Saving your money:

    You don’t need to turn up the heat in the entire house just to get your bedroom now. This OPOLAR heater has up to 1500w, which is really powerful and confortable warmth for your personal space.

    • E.T.L. approved
    • Tip-over & overheat protection
    • Built-in easy carrying handle
    • 1500-1000 watts of comforting warmth
    • Cool to touch exterior
    • 70 Degree oscillation
    OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater

    Perfect for your under desk

    You can use it as a small or large room heater, personal room heater, etc. Its compact size makes this compact mini space heater easy to carry anywhere from one room to another or from home to office.

    OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater

    Three settings

    It comes with 1000 watt, 1500 watt and cold wind settings, you can use the knob to set the heat you need. Besides, the thermostat makes your life convenient.

    OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater

    70 Degree oscillating

    With the auto 70 degree oscillating, you can enjoy the larger wide of warmth.

    OPOLAR 1500W Indoor Electric Mini Desk Personal Heater


    Small and compact size but larger heating space with the oscillating feature. Built-in carry handle for easy relocating.

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