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OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier

OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier


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Product Details

  • MIST-FREE AND LEAKAGE-PROOF: Thanks to physical evaporation, Invisible mist is dispelled evenly into the air for the comfort of occupants while avoid vibration-generated water leakage and excessive humidity on the floor, furniture and other electronics.
  • IMPURITIES-TRAPPED FILTER: Designed with honeycomb construction, embedded filter eliminates mineral deposits, grey dusts and other impurities to discharge clean and healthy air in the room.
  • QUIET HUMIDIFICATION: Profiting from built-in powerful yet low-pitched fan, comfortable and peaceful sleeping in the bedroom will never be a dream.
  • PERMANENT AND DURABLE FILTER: Made from nylon fiber for reinforced inner part and modified polyester in outer part, this item needs routine cleaning against yellowing: Resume its running after washing with daily detergent.
  • EFFORTLESS REFILLING AND CLEANING: Removable grill allows you to open the top grill and pour into the water just like watering plants, you can also check inner filter anytime.

OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier

OPOLAR Top Filling Evaporative Humidifier

The natural evaporative effect of the OPOLAR evaporative humidifier makes the atmosphere clean and adequately moistened. The low maintenance cost and durability of the product let you enjoy the fresh air.

Key Features:


  • Effective coverage
  • Energy Saver
  • Easy operation
  • Cool moisture output
  • Keep your furniture and appliances in good condition
  • Maintain optimum humidity

OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier


The product works on the scientific formula of evaporation, so the steam mist is mixed in the air providing a relaxing feel leaving no humidity or water on the floor and other available stuff.

OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier

Modern design and durability

The attractive design and touch-sensitive LED display allows you to keep the item in the living room or working desk and natural functioning let you enjoy the uninterrupted service easily.

The standard and sleep mode allows you to switch according to the requirement and the three timing settings let you relax at night. Easy operation through one button and LCD panel makes it easy to get the desired results in no time.

OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier


The filter is made of nylon fibre and polyester to provide clean air free of impurities. It needs regular cleaning to ensure excellent service else it may develop an odour and turn hard and crusty. The yellowing of the filter indicates that it lacks proper cleaning otherwise the air flow gets clogged which will interrupt with the primary function of the humidifier that is to maintain a desired humid and clean atmosphere. Vinegar and boiling water is sufficient to clean the filter.

OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier

Quiet operation negative ion air purifier

Negative ion:

Provides germ-free air and hence controls allergic reactions.Live in a healthy environment and create a suitable atmosphere with desirable humidity with OPOLAR Evaporative Humidifier!

Quiet operation:

The powerful built-in fan never makes a noise and let you sleep peacefully in your preferred humid room. The evaporative and whisper-quiet humidifier makes you relax in your comfort zone.

OPOLAR 0.8Gal Evaporative Humidifier

Large capacity humidifier

The humidifier has about 3-liter / 0.8Gal capacity which is enough to let you sleep after refilling in once. It is sufficient for 24 hours.

The quiet mode provides low mist output while humidifier at the standard mode delivers higher mist output.

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