OPOLAR Top 2L Essentiual Oil Humidifier with Colorful Lights

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Breathe healthy and clean air with the Opolar 2L Ultrasonic Humidifier that moistens the air and prevents dryness and can alleviate cold-weather ailments.

      Breathe healthy and clean air with the Opolar 2L Ultrasonic Humidifier that moistens the air and prevents dryness and can alleviate cold-weather ailments. While other humidifiers are a hassle to set up and operate - often involving ridiculous time consuming steps like removing tanks and valves - our humidifier is a breeze to use. Instead of carrying a heavy tank to refill, simply pour water directly to the top and turn on to instantly enjoy moisture-rich air.
If cleaning is hard thanks to small openings, our ultrasonic humidifier with a wide tank opening will make cleaning easier. The larger than normal tank opening means that you can hand wash the water tank instead of relying on a potentially harmful chemical agents than can do more damage than good.
Imagine being able to turn your humidifier on and not needing to worry about it during the night or even for the entire day! With a huge 3.8L / 1 Gallon tank, you’ll have enough mist for up to 24 hours before the next refill. The impressive size of the tank means the mist can cover a full 400 sq ft area making it ideal for home or in the office.
      For better air you need better filters, and what is better than one filter? Two of them. The water filter removes all bacteria, while the disposable air filter ensures that dust does not spread when the humidifier is in operation. For an even better time, you can add 2-3 drop of your favorite essential oil into the dedicated essential oil container to breathe in a heavenly aroma.
If you’re ever unsure when to refill or when it’s time to clean, the OPOLAR Ultrasonic Humidifier will let you know. This handy little feature will display a non-intrusive light so you know when it needs some extra attention.

1. 1st Humidifier That Directly Drop Essential Oil: Using the innovative concept for this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is to make an improvement on a large tank humidifier. A unique technology called Ultrasonic Vibrations turns the distilled water and oil into an ultrafine scented mist that elevates your sense of smell and provides you with therapeutic benefits.
2. Top Filling & Easy to Clean: Thanks to the wide tank of the humidifier, you only need to lift the cover and add water directly, gone are the days of removing the water tank, unscrewing the valve, and lugging a heavy tank around to refill. It also allows you to clean the tank by hand instead of relying on harmful chemical agents – eaiser and healthier.
3. 7-Color Mood Lights: Our mood lighting delivers visually stimulating LED lights which transition through all various colors in a subtle soft illumination. This can provide a relaxing affect to your mood and transform your surroundings into a relaxing paradise. You also have the option to hold your favorite LED color light or turn the lights off completely.
4. 2L Water Tank & 3 Mist Setting: Adjust the intensity of flow with just a touch of a button from Low, Med, High. Auto shutoff prevents damage and extends the life of the unit when water tank is empty. This unit’s maximum output can be up to 200mL/H, and it delivers more evenly and rapidly throught the space of 250-400 ft² more faster and stronger.
5. Silent Operation with Sleep Mode:Close the moon lights, with its ultrasonic technology and a built in silencer, this humidifier can operate without disturbing loved ones while they sleep.

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