OPOLAR Digital Humidifier with Humidity and Timer Control

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OPOLAR Ultrasonic humidifier produce fine, lighter mist that quickly disperses humidity into the room.

     OPOLAR Ultrasonic humidifier produce fine, lighter mist that quickly disperses humidity into the room. Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic humidification function, solves the problems of air drying and static electricity and achieves skin care and cosmetic effects Adjustable humidifying capacity lnnovative tech switches can adjust the space humidification environment Automatic water shortage protection Humanized lighting presents the automatic water shortage protection, automatically protecting your machine Rotatable mist nozzles output Adjusts moisture output to meet your comfort level
Breathe healthy and clean air with the Opolar 2L Ultrasonic Humidifier that moistens the air and prevents dryness and can alleviate cold-weather ailments. While other humidifiers are a hassle to set up and operate - often involving ridiculous time consuming steps like removing tanks and valves - our humidifier is a breeze to use. Instead of carrying a heavy tank to refill, simply pour water directly to the top and turn on to instantly enjoy moisture-rich air. If cleaning is hard thanks to small openings, our ultrasonic humidifier make cleaning easier. While the disposable air filter ensures that dust does not spread when the humidifier is in operation. This handy little feature will display a non-intrusive light so you know when it needs some extra attention.                                       

LARGE LED SCREEN & CONTROL PANEL:With the touch sensitive LED display, you will find the built-in features come with the humidifier can completely fulfill your requirement: Preset humidity; Timer Mode; Sleep Mode; Water shortage warning.
SET THE IDEAL HUMIDITY: Directly tell you the current humidity so that you can set the most comfortable humidity level according to the surrounding environment. Directly avoid the dry skin, static electricity, scratchy throats and noses and keep the ideal humidity.
LARGE MIST VOLUME: The twin nozzle produces mist independently and makes the uniform vaporization. Max. 300mL/H mist volume goes throughout the large space of up to 300-500 ft² faster and stronger. The tons of mist out while not leaving your table or floor wet.
3 MIST SETTINGS: This humidifier has three control levels for the level of mist that you would like to achieve in your room. You can choose either low, mid or high. In addition to this, you do not have to worry when the water runs out because once the water is used up; it will automatically turn off to prevent itself from getting damaged.
WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: This ultrasonic humidifier's internal silencer allows quiet operation, with a white noise less than 35dB, no more annoyance while Sleeping

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