OPOLAR 2L Capacity Vase Humidifier with Four-way Nozzle

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Opolar Vase Design Ultrasonic Humidifier can make you breathe healthy and help to clean air and moisten the air

       Opolar Vase Design Ultrasonic Humidifier can make you breathe healthy and help to clean air and moisten the air, besides it prevents dryness and can alleviate cold-weather ailments. While other humidifiers are a hassle to set up and operate - our humidifier is a breeze to use -often involving ridiculous time consuming steps like removing tanks and valves. You are not needing to worry about it during the night or even for the entire day! You’ll have enough mist for up to 12 hours before the next refill because of 2L/0.53 Gallon tank. The big size of the tank means the mist can cover a full 320 sq.ft making it ideal for home or in the office. For better air you need better filters, this water filter removes all bacteria, while the disposable air filter ensures that dust does not spread when the humidifier is in operation. The indicator light doesn’t interrupt your sleep as it works.

1. Unique Design: Simple and elegant, outstanding design in multiple colors to match your home decroation. It can be used on the floor or on a table top because of its compact design,. Built-in night light is suitable for the kid’s rooms.

2. Four-way Nozzle: The quad directional nozzle help mist to spread evenly and distributed its flow wherever the unit is placed. With its taller design, it allows for cooler mists to spread more quickly and reach further so that placement isn’t too close to you for accidental knock overs.

3. Ultrasonic Technology: The ceramic atomizer vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency which produces water droplets in the form of a cool fog inhalant, and its fan can deliver a light breeze to your surroundings - perfec for infants and kids room.

4. Water Filter: Remove bacteria and bad smell especially when cold and flu season starts. Soothes dry throat´╝îdry skin and itchy, relieves sinuses with the virtually quiet mist humidifier. It helps you breathe easier and sleep more comfortably. NOTE:Essential oils and additives can damage the humidifier, so it is only meant to hold water.

5.Whisper Quiet Operation: The quiet fan installed inside creates a calming noise to accompany your yoga or meditation practice, or to help you relax before sleep. The touch button controls allow you to easy turn the unit on/off.

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