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OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater

OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater


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  1. Your safety is guaranteed: this ceramic heater is designed to work safely both indoor and outdoor; it is fitted with safety tip-over and overheating protection. It does not overheat; it has been designed to go off automatically when overheating is about to occur. You can safely sleep with the ceramics heater working.
  2. Your comfort is our priority: it comes with an adjustable thermostat, which you could adjust to the exact temperature you want; you can always adjust the knob to control the temperature to your convenience and matching your comfort.
  3. As soon as you require it service: it takes this ceramics heater 3 seconds to generate the right amount of heat needed for your comfort. Just turn it on and relax.
  4. Small, compact size – its portability makes it perfect for every room size and the built-in carry handle allows for easy relocation. Just place it on the desktop, kitchen, or counter floor.
  5. Environmental friendly: this means you can take it anywhere, place it anywhere and you can use it while sleeping, for both outdoor and indoor activities. It is made from the best materials, unquestionable durability, correctly assembled to last longer and make you feel safer for long.

OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater

OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater

OPOLAR Ceramic Space Heater with Thermostat

Saving your money:

You don’t need to turn up the heat in the entire house just to get your bedroom now. This OPOLAR heater has up to 1500w, which is really powerful and confortable warmth for your personal space.

  • 1500-1000 watts of comforting warmth
  • Built-in easy carrying handle
  • Cool to touch exterior
  • Overheat protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • Quiet operation
  • Fast heating
  • E.T.L. approved

OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater

Built-in Handle

You can easily move the compact space heater from room to room with the bulit-in carrying handle. Don't forget to plug it into the outlet directly and then you can get coze.

OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater

Easy to use control knobs

It is easy to control and comes with fully functional thermostat control knob for your convenience.

The highest heat this ceramics heater can generate is 1500w, and the lowest is 1000w, it also comes with a special function, where the heater is in hibernation mode but the fan blowing a generated heat of 15w.

OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater

Quiet operation

It is economical to use, compact design for personal use.

While you are quietly busy with whatever task, this ceramics heater performs it work quietly too; it works with a noise level of <=50db.

OPOLAR 1500W Electric Personal Ceramic Heater


Small and compact size but larger heating space with the powerful 1500 watt.

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