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OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan

OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan


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Product Details

  • 【Oscillation】: Effective and fast cooling with oscillation levels of up to 85 degrees, wide coverage!
  • 【Quiet】: With the latest turbine technology in its helm, the mini tower fan comes with 2 adjustable, quiet speeds according to your preference. The turbine duct mechanism lessens the noise by 50 decibels, which is much quieter compared with other tower fans.
  • 【Space-saving】:Acquiring just 4.13 inches of your space coupled with the tower height of 14 inches; the fan is favorable for cooling up your personal room, study room, office, and other such places.
  • 【Portable】: Weighing just 3.2 pounds coupled with a built-in handle, it is effortless to move it around. It has a built-in handle that makes it easy to carry from one room to other, as well.
  • 【Warranty】:The Company offers a year’s warranty for any defective product of theirs plus it is compliant with all the necessary safety standards.

OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan

OPOLAR Newest 14 Inch Tower Fan

Many of the desktop and tower fans we see now make a funny whirring noise, even though it is a part of the mechanism it could prove very annoying at times. Especially when you are at the office, and you are working, the noise could prove troublesome at times. OPOLAR has come up with a novel solution to completely eradicate this mess of Noise; hence, make your workplace and home quieter.

OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan

85 Degree Oscillation

The product also comes up with a broader range of oscillation levels. You can mount it up in your crib or your personal space, and it would still be able to keep the room cooler. With up to 85 degrees of oscillation speed, it is an excellent option, to say the least.

OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan

Compact and Stylish

The Tower fan weighs about 3 pounds which makes it so much easier to move it around to your workstation and anywhere in your home or office. It has an adjustable handle with which you can carry it around conveniently. Apart from that, it looks just perfect in your work desk with its sleek and elegant appearance; it is pleasing to the eye.

OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan


The fan comes with inbuilt safety features consisting of a safety plug first, which cuts off the main supply provided if there are any short circuits or any electrical flaws.  Plus the fan's motor mechanism is protected as well against any power surges and outages.

OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan

Easy to Operated

One look at the control panel and you would be able to operate it smoothly. The top of the fan is mounted with elegant looking rotating panels with custom setting through which you can work it as you please.

OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Desk Fan

Ultra-Slim Size

With only 4 Inch wide, the fan takes up less than 1 square foot of space. Ideal for small spaces.

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