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OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater


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Product Details

  • 【First Heater with Smart Body Sensor】--Adopting advanced technology, this is the first heater with body sensor which can detect humans smartly. If the human body is identified, it will work; otherwise, it will stop working 2 minutes later. Convenient, smart, and the power-saving heater is here now.
  • 【Rapid Heating Ceramic Heater】--PTC ceramic heating technology provides fast rapid heating and produces no red light or flame. The latest technology with the longer lifespan and safer than many previous models. Your ideal option to keep your room cozy and get good sleep through the harsh winter.
  • 【Portability And Compact】-- The small and compact size of this heater makes it one of the most preferred heaters for desktop, home, or office use. The size of the heater is just 4.6*3.7*7.3 inch, 1.5 lb. You can carry it anywhere easily.
  • 【Tip-Over And Overheat Protection】-- Your safety has been ensured by OPOLAR with the tip-over and overheats protection features. When the heater is overheated, the device will be turned off automatically. Similarly, tip-over feature turns off the unit when it is tipped forward or backward
  • 【ETL And Five-Year Warranty】--The rigorous safety standards set by ETL are ensured in this heater. Moreover, you are offered the five-year warranty against any manufacturing defect or the device the not working. What's important, due to the non-waterproof design, please do not use in WET PLACES.

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

Why choose ceramic heater?

1. Lower Risk of Fire (this ceramic heater has a fan, which helps blow the hot air around)

2. No Toxic Emissions unlike Gas Heaters (Ceramic heaters are highly efficient and operate on electricity)

3. Advanced Safety Features Available (this ceramic heaters are available with safety features such as tip-over and overheat protection

4. Safer for Children (ceramic heaters are much more reliable because the heating elements remain somewhat cool to the touch. Even if there is an accident, the chances of burns are minimal)

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

600 Watt Portable Heater with Advanced Body Sensor

Why choose this ceramic heater?

1. Smart body sensor

2. 600 watt

3. Portability

4. Quietness (noise level<50 dB)

5. Low light for sleep (weight: 1.5 pound)

6. Power saving (auto stop working without human detected)

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

Intelligent Body Sensor

When the body sensor feature is on, the heater detects human automatically. If any bodies are detected, it works normally. If not, it will stop working two minutes later. It’s a good option for seniors. It saves power as well by consuming less electricity and convenient to carry too.

Quiet Operation:

The noise level is below 50 dB. The low noise feature provides you an enjoyable and uninterrupted sleep. Apart from that, you won’t be disturbed during your working or reading at all.

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

Portable Versatility and a Good Gift Choice

Place the space heater under your desk to help keep your feet warm at work. Or set it on the table next to you while reading or watching TV on the couch. The portable heater thoroughly and efficiently warms up your surroundings.

The exquisite look and compact design make it an excellent gift full of warm & love for your relatives and friends.

Size information:

4.6*7.3*3.74 inch

1.54 lb

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

No fire

Adopting V-O flame-resistant materials, no fire even though burning it with the match

Besides, for the sake of safety, it will cool itself one minute after turning off

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

Double Protection

Overheat and tip-over protection

Cable length: 5.9 feet

OPOLAR Mini Personal Portable Ceramic 600 Watt Heater

Low Light

With humanized design, the light will dim after running one minute.

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