OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display
OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display
OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display
OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display
OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display
OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display
OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display

OPOLAR Laptop Cooler with Temperature Display 【Cools Your Laptop In 2 Minutes】

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  • 13 Different Fan Speeds
  • OPOLAR LC-06 laptop cooler features heat sucks design to maximize CPU and GPU performance,and it means you'll enjoy total stability during the most intense battles! It is the best way to keep your laptop cool and free from overheating.
  • Innovative & compact design, LED temp-display,13 different fan speeds and two-way installation make this cooler stand out from the rest. Your gaming laptop and Nintendo Switch will thank you as stays cool while you do intensive activities like play games, watch HD movies, or run a large number of applications.

  • Your laptop should meets the below two requirements:

    1. If there is a side or back vent on your laptop and its size does not exceed about 4.6"L x 1.6"H; Besides, the shortest silicon shroud is 3.3 inch, please make sure that it will not cover your any important port. If the vent is on the back, please notice that our cooler will cause your lid open about 135 degree.

    2.The bottom surface near the vent is flat to stick an adhesive mount.

  • OPOLAR LC06 may not fit for the above laptops

    Is it compatible with your laptop?

    Please search the laptop model from customer reviews, questions & answers on the product page or send your laptop model or some pictures of your laptop side and bottom to OPOLAR support.

  • New model: updated LED screen dynamically displays the air temperature from your laptop vent and the working modes, 13 speeds to manage the airflow and noise; quiet operation in auto mode and max. Noise is less than 70dBm.
  • Designed for Notebook Computer with air vents on both sides or rear, ideal for gaming laptops or systems that tax the CPU. Not recommended for MacBook or other ultrathin notebooks thinner than 0.4inch.
  • The best cooler (2600-5000rpm) To ease heat dissipation in laptops, rapidly reduce both surface and internal temperature by 18 to 50 F degrees in minutes which is far better than cooling pads.
  • Two-way installation: quick Installation provides an easy mounting solution, just plug and play; 3M fixing glue with patented clamping arms, keeps the cooler firmly attached to the laptop when moving.
  • There are auto and manual working modes; high-quality Japanese motor ensures min. 5000 working hours.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    yes it helps. I am using it to help cool a NUC. The only thing is that higher fan speed create quite a bit of noise.. I got used to it but the person next to me has mentioned it a couple of times.

    Jim Garland
    Good product

    Based on the Core Temp program I'm using to track temperatures, I'm finding that this Opolar laptop cooler lowers my laptop's operating temp. by 10 degrees F on setting 7, to 15 degrees F on max. Really like this handy fan unit!

    Opolar laptop cooler

    Wonderful for gaming laptops - just wish they were easier to clean! Can't complain about 8c drop on top of 10c drop from a cooling pad, and having 2 makes spikes dissipate much faster, keeping the rig quieter and smoother running.

    Justin Gilley
    Works Very Well!

    Previously, my laptop was reaching temperatures around 88-92C while gaming, and this was partially due to the back-exhaust pumping toward the back of my desk and collecting a lot of heat. I had 2 side-exhausts, but they didn’t do much. I slapped the Opolar on my left-exhaust, and this thing works wonders. My CPU/GPU temperatures increased by about 10C (8-12C), bringing my average temperature to around 80C. 80C still isn’t a very healthy temperature for hardware, but the Opolar does a wonderful job in keeping the temperatures at much less unsafe levels.

    Sure, there is some noise as you increase the fan speed, but it doesn’t bother me at all. When I’m gaming, I have my headset on and can’t hear a thing. When I’m not gaming, I don’t have my headset on and I just turn the fan speed down. Overall, it’s not any louder than my laptop’s fans.

    Installation is very simple. I used the quick-installation, and had no problems with it. It stays put very well.

    Overall, the Opolar is a great product, and worth every penny. I can’t seem to think of any downside to it, it does it’s job and does it very well!

    Opolar Laptop Cooler

    I have an ASUS X550JK that I use for gaming still. It's old, but it still games well. Inside I have an i7-4710HQ quad core with hyperthreading, 8 GB of removable Samsung DDR3-1600MHz, 4GB of Micron DDR3-1600MHz soldered onto the motherboard, 2GB of Hynix DDR3-1800Mhz for the onboard Nvidia GTX 850M. This laptop would hit 100 Celsius just running Kaspersky to check for viruses. Then comes all of the auto throttling of the CPU and GPU, voltages, wattages, etc. to keep the temps below maximum. So, I changed my thermal paste to Arctic MX6. Pretty good stuff, and I worked the CPU idle temperature down to 40 Celsius from 70 Celsius (which is insanely high for an idle temperature) with the thermal paste alone on the stock heatsink and fan. Gaming on this laptop does require some sort of external cooler though, especially when overclocked. With the CPU overclocked to 3.7GHz up from 2.5 GHz, the GPU overclocked to 1.20 GHz up from 900MHz, and the Intel graphics controller overclocked to 1.3 GHz up from 1.2GHz this laptop would be smoldering or at least back at 100 Celsius and struggling to keep cool. While gaming overclocked on wall power, with the Opolar 5000 RPM laptop fan turned all the way up I see a drop in CPU temperature from 100 Celsius to 85 Celsius and a drop in GPU temperature from 100 Celsius to about 65 Celsius. I am imagining that this type of overclocking would damage the CPU and GPU relatively quickly without the proper cooling and the Opolar laptop cooler provides an enormous amount of airflow, I don't know how much, but it really moves alot of air. It pulls hard on the airflow immediately downstream of the heatsink aluminum fins and copper heatpipe and then pushes it out with significant force. I wish I knew the cubic feet per minute, but I didn't stop to read that part before I wrote this report. The Opolar laptop cooler also shows an airflow temperature of about 53 Celsius during overclocked gaming. If you are a laptop gamer I would say this cooler is literally necessary hardware that should be added to your gaming station or rig. What it does! And it really does! It cools really, really, really good. Also, it has three power settings, 1) Off 2) Auto which is neat because it is just that...automatic fan RPM control based on airflow temperature, and 3) 13 push settings with the highest being the 5000 RPM option. I purchased the unit on sale from Opolar. Saw the price picked it up. Was amazed. I was considering a laptop stand type of cooler, looked at a few, some had fans on the bottom, some had a hollow rectangle on the bottom that pushed/forced air rearwards along the bottom of the laptop and up and into the case through the bottom vents then out of the keyboard key holes, the front intake port (serving as an exhaust port with the underside cooler), and also out through the stock cooling unit. That might work for gaming a little, but there is only one small intake area on the bottom of the ASUS X550JK to support an underside cooler. The Opolar laptop cooler made more sense to I went for it and love it. This device should be sold on websites like Newegg, Tigerdirect, Amazon, and Ebay. It is a great little machine and very powerful at cooling.