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OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater


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  • 【Condensation Protection (IP21)】: The unit is equipped with IP21 rating, which protects the unit from any drips and condensation. Designed for bathroom use and good for space instant warmth with up to 1500 watts of power. Note: Please keep the unit away from water when using in bathroom.
  • 【Adjustable Thermostat】: You can keep the room temperature to a desired level by adjusting the thermostat. The unit will stop to work when reaching the level and back to work when it declines.
  • 【Safety and ALCI Plug】The heater has two safety gears: Overheating protection and Tip-over protection. It will automatically switch off in case of over-heating and accidental knock off. No worry about any electric shock due to the ALCI plug.
  • 【Three Settings】: 1. Fan Mode with No Heat. 2. 750W Heat. 3. 1500W Heat. This space heater can quickly heat a personal area.With the built-in handle, you can carry this unit to everywhere. Perfect for home bathroom and office use.
  • 【Auto-oscillation and One Year Warranty】Auto-oscillation: Effective and fast heating with oscillation levels of up to 80 degrees, wide coverage! OPOLAR offer one year warranty for any defective heater.
  • OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

    OPOLAR 1500 Watt Bathroom Heater

    Feel very cold to take a shower in winter? Get in trouble to find a bathroom heater to warm you? Don't worry about it. OPOLAR launches its first bathroom heater, which is a great breakthrough. No more cold mornings. This product is equipped with IP21 water-proof protection , which means it can prevent condensation. The ALCI plug is a great bonus to protect people from electrical shock, especially in the bathroom.

    Besides, two heating settings(750W/1500W) are provided. You also can set your desired temperature by moving the thermostat control. Fast heating to your desired temperature and keep it. You don't have to turn it off by yourself. 80 degree auto oscillation makes warmth spread widely.

    OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

    Wide Application

    Our heater is not only for bathroom use, but also for home office workshop use. It can quickly heat up the area around you and enjoy the customized warmth. No longer cold in winters.

    OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

    Over Heating Protection

    The unit will stop working automatically when the internal temperature becomes high. It will return to work once it gets to a safe temperature inside.

    OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

    Light & Portable

    With the built-in handle, you can easily carry the heater from one room to another. Not much stress while handling it as it only weighs 4.4 pounds.

    Size: 8.7''* 7.1''* 13.7''

    With the compact size, you can place it under your desk or wherever you want to get rid of the cold.

    OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

    Circuit Protection Plug

    The bathroom heater is provided with a protective plug (ALCI), which will cut power source when detecting any danger. Safe to use in bathroom and no cold in mornings.

    OPOLAR 1500W Bathroom Space Heater

    Waterproof Design

    Thanks to the waterproof plastics, the control knob and swing switch are isolated with water. Besides, no water can easily get into the unit due to the adopted slope covers in front and rear..

    Note: The unit is equipped with IP21 protection, which means to keep the unit away from water when using in bathroom.

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