OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum | High Power Cordless Air Duster
OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum | High Power Cordless Air Duster
OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum | High Power Cordless Air Duster
OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum | High Power Cordless Air Duster
OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum | High Power Cordless Air Duster

OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum | High Power Cordless Air Duster

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🔥OPOLAR Newest Air Duster - This is an upgraded version of air duster. Equipped with the newest hurricane super motor.

🔥Air Blower & Mini Vacuum 2-in-1 - This air duster is equipped with 2-in-1 technology of blowing and suction.

🔥Rechargeable Battery & Fast Charging - This electric air duster comes with 6000mAh rechargeable batteries and 10W fast charging facility.

🔥Portable & Multipurpose - Being cordless, you can carry it anywhere and its compact size also allow you to clean with ease.

🔥Environmental-friendly - No greenhouse gases, no chemicals, no water vapor, this air duster is more environmental-friendly and more suitable for electronics.

Easy Charging

Equiped With 3 Nozzles

Easy Cleaning Filter

Portable Size

Customer Reviews

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David Kasza

Excellent vaccume/blower

Nicole Catino

OPOLAR 2-in-1 Vacuum | High Power Cordless Air Duster

Maksymilian P
Amazing tool for everyday use

It makes it so easy to clear dust, hairs or crumbs off of things. I no longer need to bother with taking out the standard, wired vacuum cleaner to clean just a tiny spot of dust. It's very convenient and it takes off the stress of having dust all around your desk.
But it needs to be said — this isn't a device primarily to be used as a vacuum cleaner. There are definitely better vacuum cleaners that suck things better. Don't get me wrong, this one will do the job fine, but it's nothing too spectacular.
I'd say it's 40% vaccum cleaner, 60% dust blower.
It blows really nicely. It's comparable (if not better) than traditional canned dust blower, and all you need to do for it to do its job is to charge it (assuming you're keeping it in good condition). No more buying cans of compressed air, then having to deal with half empty cans.

I'd give 5★, but two things are bugging me about it.
One thing being unable to properly check the charge level. I used it for a minute or two, and I don't know if it charges very slowly or what, but after using it, I was left wondering how much juice I used up (and it's hard to determine that by just a single on/off indicator). Oh, and as a side note, a charging station where you can pop the blower into would be nice, that would smartly charge it up whenever it needed juice.
Second, very minor thing, is that the "flap" inside the dust container (that acts as a one-way valve) is kinda floppy. It's meant to keep dust inside the container when not in use, but it remains open (due to gravity pulling it down), so if you're not careful, you could technically loose some dust through it. It'd be a lot better if the flap remained in place by being "pre-loaded", technically speaking, for example if it was manufactured in a way that would take into consideration that it needs to press against the inlet, instead of just being put right next to it.


Unfortunately this time my experience wasn’t pleasant with Opolar. The 2 in 1 vacuum I purchased wasn’t charging at all since I received. I was very disappointed because I bought a blower before from them and it was perfectly fine and I enjoyed it. So I emailed them with a video clip and asked for money back instead of replacement. I received the money immediately. They didn’t give me the hassle to return it, instead they asked me to recycle it. The 3 stars for customer service, it should have been 5. Since review for product, I don’t want to give 5 stars.

D. de Ruiter
Good quality

The quality is very nice. I used it now for 8 months an still works great. I used it for cleaning my pc desk. and surroundings. en blowing my vacuum cleaner filter and so on.