OPOLAR Battery or USB Handheld Misting Fan

OPOLAR Battery or USB Handheld Misting Fan


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Product Details

  • Multiple Operating Modes (Battery and USB): The fan comes with a rechargeable battery having a standard capacity of up to 2600mAh. The battery Provides maximum operating time of 3-14 hours, once it is fully charged. You can also connect the fan with micro USB to use it anywhere.
  • Multiple Speed Controls: The Misting fan has a unique 3-speed control, providing cooling similar to that of an air conditioner. Set the speed setting, as you may need. The fan comes with a water tank of 55ML capacity. Add water to the tank to get the feel like of an air conditioner.
  • Personalized Humidifier: A portable accessory which can be used as a personalized humidifier plus it can also be used after you are done with your makeup. It plays the role of a beauty humidifier and a misty fan as well.
  • Desk Fan: It can again double up as a portable desk fan for your workspace, plus you can use it for your desktop cooling. You can adjust the reach by tinkering with the degree of rotation and use it comfortably for your purposes.
  • Noise-free and one year Warranty: The product, along with its many features and advantages, comes with a decent one year warranty, making it a preferable and an affordable choice. The fan produces noise which is less than 40db, so it is a noise-free fan, as well.
  • OPOLAR 2019 Upgrade Misting Handheld Fan

    Personalized handheld portable fans have become the newest trend in recent times, and OPOLAR is never far from tapping into this opportunity. The misting handheld fan provides a worthwhile experience while providing maximum comfort at its disposal. You can use it anywhere, for example, at your workplace, garden, study room, etc. It is a product favorable across all age groups, and it is a must-have in today's times.

  • Spray Lasts Longer with 3 Multi-speed Control

    OPOLAR F318 comes with a big 55ml water tank, which is much for larger than the products out there in the market. It also contains the multi-speed control explicitly consisting of three of them. The speed controls can be configured accordingly as per your needs and comfort to get the experience, unlike anything that you have seen before.

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