Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent

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Lorri So-FL
Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent Seems to Work

I received the rechargeable mosquito Repellent and so far, it is working. I am in South Florida and it is February. I held off reviewing this item until it started getting warmer. We are starting to notice more mosquitos at this time. I keep it near me when I am outside in the evenings. I think it might be working, however, I need to really test it closer to our summer months to really know how well it works. I wish there were a few more instructions about the use of the product, whether it is for outdoor use or indoor only. It's a cute jar and weighted well at the bottom to avoid toppling over.

Haris I
Nice little unit

I used it a few time in an outdoor dining setting and seems like it does the job. Unit is small and handy. Also looks very modern not an eye sore like some other products in the market. Does anyone know where i can get refills for this?

Tony Huynh
Awesome Rechargable Mosquito Repellent!

Perfect little unit that does the job. Battery lasts a few solid hours for good session. No mosquitos minutes after unit is on and stays that way! Great for camping in my case. Seems durable too. Recommended unit for anyone, especially in Australia.

Not working at all

Unfortunately, my Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent does not power on. I've had it charging for more than twelve hours and the white indicator light does not flash while charging nor does green light flash at all as indicated in the instructions when fully charged. Pushing the power button does nothing either. It appears broken. This is disappointing.

Does it job

*Design - good design with minimalist look. It has USB-C charging point and LED light and very easy to carry around.
*Instruction manual - it was a bit difficult to understand in the first time. Although it has only 2 buttons but the operational isnt really straight forward as pressing once/twice has a different function. You may need to stick a manual somewhere on the device to remember them.
*Performance - i would say not too bad in consideration of the size of the repellant. May need to test them longer to see the impact.
*Refill - this is one of thing that we are unsure about. No information provided how to refill.